Tech Line

It’s a ‘Brand’-New Day for PFL

Welcome to the rebranded and refreshed PFL—and this new web site is just the beginning. 

As the story’s told on the PFL “About” page, being a leader in the business-software category of automated direct mail companies was not where it all started. PFL began life as a local printer 27 years ago. Today, the e-commerce commercial printing side of the business——remains a one-stop shop for all printing and mailing services.

And our association and access to that operation is but one of the ways PFL stands alone: We are the sole company offering an end-to-end solution that includes strategy, software, print, and fulfillment to simplify the execution of automated direct mail campaigns at scale. And we handle it all under one roof.

What really sets us apart is that PFL enables brands to boost engagement with a software solution that personalizes and automates direct mail programs—and we can do this for hundreds or thousands or millions of mailers, or a just a dozen. From small programs to massive, highly personalized sends, PFL delivers multi-sensory direct mail experiences that are measurable and relevant so businesses can earn attention and amplify growth. We have created an intuitive marketing-technology platform that brings direct mail into the digital ecosystem, while also providing access to our sophisticated, sustainable e-commerce printing operation.

Change for the Better

As our CEO, Nick Runyon, likes to say: “We change lives for the better by connecting people through authentic moments.” This, simply, was the impetus for our rebrand and redesign—as we change lives for the better, we thought it time to change our look, feel, and brand for the better. 

PFL makes authentic moments possible for all by creating impactful direct mail that is data-driven. We bring the measurement, personalization, and predictability you expect from digital to direct mail.

PFL makes these authentic moments possible for all by creating impactful direct mail that is data-driven. We bring the measurement, personalization, and predictability you expect from digital to direct mail. We amplify growth for organizations, and we have a proven track record of doing this for some of the biggest brands in the world.

In short, the reimagined PFL concentrates on doing these four things better than anybody:

  • Simplify: PFL simplifies direct mail execution by managing the entire process under one roof, from strategy and production to delivery and measurement.
  • Engage: We help customers increase engagement that results in action by pairing digital tactics with memorable direct mail touches, from postcards and letters to 3-D mailers with logo-ed items.
  • Personalize: Customers use their own data to personalize and trigger sends at any scale—from hundreds to millions.
  • Measure: With our robust integrations to your CRM/MAP, you can manage and measure direct mail performance and ROI in real time.

Human Considerations

A recent McKinsey article, "CX Without Design Only Gets You Halfway," suggests that “human considerations—such as their needs, wants, and dreams” come into the marketing and design conversation too late. Instead, says the article, “a combined CX-design approach to discovering customer needs, designing solutions and journeys, and delivering customer impact will help companies create a seamless end-to-end experience that truly meets customers’ ever-evolving needs.”

We at PFL believe that customer needs, customer journeys, customer impact, and authentically human end-to-end experiences are well served by using automated direct mail. PFL research has discovered that“despite the promise and performance of direct mail, many marketers still think of the channel as a stodgy, outdated marketing tactic that can be difficult to reconcile with modern omnichannel strategies." Clearly, they are wrong.

Our new brand, our new look and design, are all ways to say to today's marketers that direct mail is the way of the future, and we are here to partner with you to make the process simple and successful. In fact, our study concluded that “marketing leaders who adopt direct mail methodology are more successful at building brand affinity and a more profitable business."

So don’t go halfway with digital-only tactics—go all the way and join us in a brand-new day for PFL, direct mail, and your business.