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Three Ways PFL Can Help Quickly Launch Direct Mail Programs

It has been definitively proven that direct mail allows marketers to counter digital burnout. Its usefulness across the entire buyers’ journey makes direct mail a valuable marketing tactic. So, it’s no great surprise that respondents to the recent Forrester Research-PFL-conducted survey say they plan to grow their investment in this channel. More than half report having increased their spend in direct mail this year compared with last,

Despite the promise and performance of direct mail, many marketers still think of the channel as a stodgy, outdated marketing tactic that can be difficult to reconcile with modern omnichannel strategies. For example, 80 percent of respondents’ organizations increased spend on digital channels due to the pandemic, even though their customers are less likely to engage with them. Why? Eighty-one percent say they focus on digital touchpoints because they see these as more measurable and optimizable than physical, while 85 percent say that reducing barriers to creating differentiated mail campaigns would encourage them to use the channel more. What’s more, 75 percent agree that they would use direct mail for more marketing if delivering engaging, differentiated campaigns were less cost prohibitive.

Yet many marketers missed direct mail’s arrival in the digital age and aren’t aware that this simply isn’t how direct mail works anymore. Most solutions run on software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms—such as PFL’s—capable of launching a single, customized physical mailer at a moment’s notice to meet the unique needs of both recipients and senders.

Getting Personal

Furthermore, personalization—the act of delivering a relevant message that has value to the right person at the right time and place—is no longer simply nice to have, but a B2B marketing necessity. But as B2B marketers know, its deceptively simple charter belies a complicated set of processes and capabilities required to execute it effectively. The PFL-Forrester study found many marketers aren’t aware that personalizing direct mail is a possibility. Just 17 percent of respondents say they personalize their campaigns—but why? More than half lack the ability to use customer data systems for direct mail, while 50 percent believe that measurability and optimization are purely digital capabilities and at least 40 percent are either unaware it’s possible, believe it would be prohibitively expensive, or would struggle to align direct mail to other personalization initiatives. Many also say they lack the technology or skills required to run it successfully.

The PFL-Forrester study found many marketers aren’t aware that personalizing direct mail is a possibility. Just 17 percent of respondents say they personalize their campaigns—but why?

So, what if there was a sweet new way to personalize direct mail, optimize response rates, and launch direct mail programs quickly? Well, there is.

First, users of PFL’s platform have access to “Ready-to-Map (RTM) Templates,” which make it fast and simple for your creative team to apply your artwork and personalization to our most successful design layouts.  

These templates can be used to:  

  • Reduce the time it takes for your designer to create a layout for the artwork;
  • Help reduce program timelines by submitting artwork to your Customer Success Team faster;
  • Optimize response rates by using personalized data fields that have been proven with our most successful customers;
  • Eliminate errors and rounds of corrections by submitting optimal inputs for our templating team.

Fully Branded Experiences

Next, it is now possible to create a fully branded experience in minutes. We know these days that companies are having to do more with less. With budgets tightening up and with limited resources, it’s not always easy to get your artwork produced in a timely manner. PFL’s “Pre-Designed Box Templates” make it easy and fast for you to create a fully branded unboxing experience for your prospects and customers in three steps:

  1. Choose your box design.
  1. Send PFL your colors and company logo.
  1. Send PFL your desired copy.

We do the rest! You’ll receive your artwork proof within two business days. It’s that simple. And there is no additional charge for this service—it’s absolutely free!

Finally, to bring it all together it’s now possible to leverage PFL’s new “Creative Services Team” for the ultimate unboxing experience!

Customize memorable brand moments that earn attention from your prospects and customers with our Creative Services Team’s help. Whether you want a custom tray engineered to perfectly hold all your curated items in a box, or custom-designed waterfall stickers or boxes, or assistance selecting and designing print collateral that elevates the unboxing experience, our Creative Services team can help.