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Thank you for being a part of PFL's growing community. Now, help us add to the group.

Customer Referral
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How to Participate

Customer Referral

Step 1
Fill out and submit the referral form on this page.

Step 2
We'll reach out to your referral with information about PFL and a meeting invite.

Step 3
Once we've met with your referral, you'll receive an email with instructions about how to either redeem your Amazon eGift Card or make a charitable donation.

If you refer someone and they attend a meeting with PFL, you will receive an Amazon eGift card within 30 days. A $500 card for a new customer referral or $250 if you refer someone within your organization who's not currently using PFL. You also have the option to donate the money to a charitable cause of your choice. Program incentives apply to company IDs, not individual FEINs. You must be an active PFL client to receive the referral incentives.