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The Power of Iterable + PFL

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The PFL partner team helps Iterable identify opportunities for building pipeline, closing new business, and expanding with current customers. PFL’s  is the only bi-directional direct mail integration with Iterable–we make sending personalized direct mail efficient, personalized, and measurable.

If your customers are looking for higher engagement, optimized print spend and operations, or improved overall omnichannel strategy, we should talk.

The power of Iterable + PFL
PFL + Iterable

PFL + Iterable

Direct Mail Done Right

In our hyper-digital world where competition for attention is fierce, direct mail matters.

With our integration, customers can automate the emotional power of tangible direct mail marketing with their digital channels. The best part? We write back into Iterable with statuses, such as "sent" or "delivered," so customers can have attribution on how direct mail impacts their overall campaigns.

  • Capture attention with 1:1 marketing delivered at scale.
  • Nurture prospects and improve conversion.
  • Break through digital fatigue by creating personalized, powerful moments.

Direct mail plus print includes everything from postcards, reports, infographics, and physical items, such as promotional gift boxes—anything that promotes your brand that can be shipped via USPS, UPS, or FedEx.

What You Get Partnering with PFL

Partner collaboration leads to greater pipeline, accelerated deals, and higher deal values.

Why You’ll Love It

You earn $1,000 for every closed won deal with PFL

Increase value of Iterable to customers and help reduce churn

Help customers cut through the digital clutter, drive conversion, and build brand loyalty in meaningful, measurable ways

Why Your Customers Will Love It

Increased engagement through true omnichannel campaigns.
Integrated direct mail increases digital engagement in the customer journey and reaches those who aren’t responding to digital.

Improved print-spend optimization through automation.
Customers spend less on print by sending the right messages to the right person at the right time.

Integrated direct mail is measurable!
Customers can quantify the impact of their direct mail campaigns through Iterable’s only bi-directional direct mail integration–PFL.

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