Tech Line

Intuitive Integrations

Trigger direct mail to the right person, with the right message, at the right time using PFL's intuitive integrations.

A graphic showing the various integrations surrounding the PFL logo.
Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud
Empower the sales team to send personalized direct mail to prospects directly from Salesforce.

Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Trigger automated and personalized direct mail from “Journey Builder” as one step in your customer journey.

Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud
Elevate the patient journey with personalized direct mail to attract new patients, support care plans, and send critical mail.

Salesforce Financial Cloud
Create impactful moments for clients and customers with automated direct mail that inspires trust and creates long-lasting relationships to grow your business.


Increase customer engagement with a better buying experience that leverage personalized direct mail within Iterable.


Elevate the customer journey with personalized direct mail as part of your Marketo instance.


Create personalized direct mail campaigns as part of your customer journey as a step in Eloqua.

Listen to your users, understand their actions and behaviors, and then act on them with the Braze customer engagement platform.