Create Powerful Moments with High ROI Direct Mail Campaigns

Tech Line

Engaging customers through digital tactics alone is challenging. Buyers are increasingly tuning out emails and digital ads. However, in a recent Forrester study, 81% of respondents told us they are likely to open a direct mail package. Sending a personalized direct mailer to the right buyer at the right time can create a powerful moment that inspires action. Hear from Paycor Principal Marketing Program Manager Gretchen Swann about how Paycor uses an "always on" direct mail program to significantly increase nurture response rates and generate a 15X ROI on campaign investment.

During this session you will:

  • Learn how to set up a high-impact nurture program using direct mail
  • See examples of personalized direct mailers that deliver results
  • Understand how the right messaging drives urgency and action
  • Determine the best goals to set and how to measure impact


Jennifer Bellin
Chief Marketing Officer, PFL

Gretchen Swan

Senior Principal Marketing Program Manager, Paycor