featuring The University of Pittsburgh Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI)

Target, Test, Triumph:
How to Optimize Marketing Campaigns with Direct Mail

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A Case Study of Best Practices for Direct Mail

How can companies use direct mail in a way that is highly strategic instead of just batch-and-blast? The University of Pittsburgh CTSI has figured it out and will walk attendees through the tactics they are using to successfully drive participation in the NIH's All of Us Research Program in Pennsylvania. In the recording we show how their work is applicable across many industries.

PFL’s Kara Trapp and Becka Larkin welcome Kristen Carroll and Robert Morlino from The University of Pittsburgh CTSI, for details on their one-of-a-kind efforts in direct mail batch sending.

Topics we cover in the recording:

Milestones and tracking

How to track crucial milestones, such as awareness, conversions, and customer engagement to measure the impact of direct mail.

Effective audience segmentation

Why it's important to tailor content with the help of segmentation methods. The experts will share best practices for direct mail that reaches the right people at the right time.

Enhanced A/B testing

Learn why testing early results that are paired with top-performing mailers can yield superior results.  

It’s time to optimize your marketing and direct mail. No more settling for average growth—our speakers will equip you with expert insights and strategies that drive results. Watch on-demand now at the top of this page.


Kara Trapp
VP of Customer Experience, PFL

Robert Morlino
Executive Director, Marketing & Communications, CTSI University of Pittsburgh

Becka Larkin
Enterprise Account Director, PFL

Kirsten Carroll
Communications Manager, CTSI University of Pittsburgh