Doing More with Less: 4 Budget-Friendly Direct Mail Plays that Yield High ROI

Tech Line

Learn four unique, budget-friendly direct mail plays that yield impressive ROI from PFL’s Kricia Storms and Brent Alexander.  

Our presenters will showcase how leading marketers leverage PFL’s expertise and techniques to optimize the customer journey. You’ll also learn why direct mail remains a powerful strategy for inspiring action and combatting the challenge of declining response to digital marketing.

Key topics to be covered:

  • Achieving high-impact marketing even with limited resources— innovative approaches that yield exceptional results despite economic constraints.
  • Direct mail techniques that provide significant ROI and better engagement
  • How to create “Aha! Moments” that give prospects the insight to take action.
  • Insights into optimal timing and estimated spend for personalized mailers.
  • Audience engagement tips and how to drive conversions through proven tactics.  


Kricia Storms
Director, Product Marketing, Customer Engagement - PFL

Brent Alexander
VP of Customer Success -  PFL