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How we work with Salesforce Representatives and why they work with PFL:

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Our partner team helps Salesforce Representatives identify opportunities for building pipeline, close new business, and grow current customers. PFL’s unique integration makes sending personalized direct mail efficient.

If your customers are hungry for higher engagement, optimize print spend and operations, or improve their overall omnichannel strategy, we should talk.

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Direct Mail Done Right

In our hyper-digital world where competition for attention is fierce — direct mail matters.

By combining the emotional power of real-world experience with the predictability of digital, integrated & automated direct mail through PFL and Sales, Marketing, and Health Clouds:

  • Captures attention with 1:1 marketing delivered at scale
  • Nurtures prospects and improves conversion
  • Improves regulatory compliance with automated patient and member communications

Direct mail & print includes everything from postcards, reports, infographics, or physical items like promotional swag and gift boxes — anything that promotes your brand that can be shipped via USPS, UPS, or FedEx.

What You Get Partnering with PFL

Partner collaboration leads to greater pipeline, accelerated deals, and higher deal values.

What Account Executives Get

AEs get quota relief when we close a deal and get paid commission

Opportunities for other Cloud expansion. More contacts (ie. physical addresses/ Marketing Intelligence Cloud)

Drive a better Customer 360 — help your customers cut through the digital clutter, drive conversion, and build their brand loyalty in meaningful, measurable ways

Why Salesforce Customers Love PFL

Increased engagement through hybrid campaigns — direct mail integrated with PFL with Marketing, Sales, and Health Clouds increases digital engagement in the customer journey

Improved print spend optimization through automation — customers spend less on print by sending the right messages to the right person at the right time

Integrated direct mail is measurable! Customers can quantify the impact of their direct mail campaigns

Vertical Line

“It’s the partner solution we lean on to be able to tell a full omnichannel marketing story where our customers want to make sure their patient journeys are consistent between digital and print messaging.”
— Senior Manager, Solution Engineering, Marketing Cloud — Healthcare

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Resources for Salesforce Representatives

We’ve put together a short resource guide to get you started.

Experience it for yourself

See our direct mail integration in action.

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Ready to add value and lower costs for your customers, while you earn quota relief & commission on sales?

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Alex Dayton
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