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Relationships with Direct Mail

PFL + Salesforce Marketing, Sales, and Health Clouds

Trigger personalized direct mail right from Salesforce to engage customers and prospects with personalized and timely messaging.

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Trigger Direct Mail

“PFL’s deep Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud integrations help marketers and sales professionals create ultra-personalized, tangible experiences for customers and prospects with automated direct mail—for the highest return on investment.”
– Salesforce, Senior Solution Engineer

Elevate Conversation

Elevate Conversion, Loyalty, and Retention

Digital marketing makes it possible. Direct mail makes it real.

In our hyper-digital world where competition for attention is fierce, direct mail marketing matters more than ever. PFL combines the emotional impact of real-world experience with the automation, predictability, and measurability of Salesforce. Today’s direct mail & print go far beyond gifting, creating personalized touchpoints your customers can actually touch — and brand engagement they’ll love.

The power of digital reach.The engagement of real-world experience.The future of marketing.

Integrating direct mail into
marketing achieves

improved results on average
over digital-only campaigns.

Check out these direct mail success stories
from PFL customers:

Adding Relevancy Through Customer Preferences

  • Reduce timeline to send member noticesReduce error rates of communications
  • Need alternative communication channels with members
  • Remain compliant with federal, state, and local regulations

Reduction in enrollment time


YoY cost reduction

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Scaling Hybrid Experiences to Drive Revenue

  • Competitive oil change market
  • Manual and difficult to scale retention programs
  • Disconnected direct mail and digital efforts

Direct Mail Sends in 6 Months


Average Response Rate

Bringing Digital Intelligence to Direct Mail

  • Disconnected direct mail and digital efforts
  • Expense (time and cost) to send direct mail
  • Increase meeting-to-opportunity conversion rates

Savings in Print Cost

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Full-Funnel Engagement Solutions

Picture the Possibilities of Print & Direct Mail

Full-Funnel Engagement

Check out these use cases: