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With the automation, predictability, and measurability of Salesforce, PFL's direct mail platform allows you to connect with even your most hard-to-reach audiences. Trigger personalized direct mail to engage customers and prospects with personalized, secure, and timely messaging.

PFL Direct Mail Services:

  • Deal acceleration
  • Event registration and follow up
  • Customer advocacy and expansion
Deal Acceleration
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“PFL’s deep Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud integrations help marketers and sales professionals create ultra-personalized, tangible experiences for customers and prospects with automated direct mail—for the highest return on investment.”
– Salesforce, Senior Solution Engineer

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing makes it possible. Direct mail makes it real.

In today’s hyper-digital business landscape, where competition for attention is fierce, direct mail marketing matters more than ever. PFL combines the emotional impact of real-world experience with the automation, predictability, and measurability offered by Salesforce. Today’s direct mail and print go far beyond gifting, creating personalized touchpoints and brand engagement people love.

PFL is the only solution that brings together technology, printing, storage, and fulfillment in-house to maintain the highest quality standards, capabilities, and visibility for our customers.

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