Direct Mail Automation Pays Dividends for Avidia Bank

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Avidia Bank is a responsive and independent community bank providing the best banking and financial services to individuals, families and businesses.








Avidia, a community bank in Hudson, Massachusetts, with more than $2.3billion in assets, is redefining the banking experience through a commitment to customer-centric strategies and community investment. To better serve that mission, the financial institution has partnered with PFL for more than three years to revolutionize its direct mail initiatives. The partnership has led to remarkable gains in efficiency and enhanced customer experiences.




40 Hrs.
Per Month Saved on Manual Processes
Happy Customers
Major Reduction in Customer Complaints

Efficiency and Engagement: The Challenge of Manual Processes

Avidia Bank faced time-consuming manual processes in their “Adventure Savings” account, which helps children learn money skills from as early as three years old. “Adventure Savings” combines practical features and fun incentives to get the wheels turning. The bank’s campaigns involve sending parents and kids mailers, such as gift cards and milestone celebrations. The process for sorting, printing, stuffing envelopes, and mailing all of this was being handled manually—a considerable investment in time and resources.

Furthermore, Avidia’s marketing extended to promoting events and other family-focused activities. The bank also ran a “New Mortgage Gift” campaign, sending coasters to first-time home buyers. These initiatives and others required a streamlined approach to direct mail that the bank did not yet have.


Integration Transforms the Direct Mail Process

All these initiatives required a streamlined approach to direct mail, which Avidia found in PFL’s integration with Salesforce and Marketo. This played a pivotal role in transforming Avidia Bank’s direct mail process. Moriah Canner, digital marketing manager, explained how it was accomplished: “PFL was instrumental in setting up the integration between Salesforce and Marketo, even liaising directly with our Salesforce team.” This partnership facilitated ongoing check-in calls, ensuring seamless operation. The efficiency and speed of PFL’s response during this time were critical to Avidia’s success, according to the bank’s marketing team. 

After being fully onboarded, Avidia Bank’s manual print and mail processes were replaced with automated ones. The collaboration also extended to the PFL platform handling their internal direct mail efforts: To align Avidia’s staff with new core values, employees received mailers with seed packets as part of a “Grow with Us” initiative.

"I love working with PFL because they are thought leaders and offer insights, tips, and strategies. They take an educational approach without coming off too salesy."
—Moriah Canner, Digital Marketing Manager

Efficiency Gains and Enhanced Customer Experience

After automating direct mail with PFL, Avidia Bank saw tangible, measurable results from eliminating tedious manual tasks. Avidia’s CMO, Janel Maysonet, explained: “By partnering with PFL, we were able to save so much time, nearly 40 hours a month.” Better tracking and delivery rates improved the overall customer experience, as well. An added benefit is that customer complaints related to undelivered/unreceived “Adventure Savings” mailers significantly decreased, further reducing the time customer-care teams had to spend on calls.  

But the impact went beyond simply operational efficiency. “PFL is one of our favorite vendors,” said Maysonet. “It’s been a great decision to work with them as they provide professionalism and competitive pricing.”  

Looking ahead, in 2024 Avidia plans to incorporate direct mail into their upcoming checking account redesign and online banking experience. They plan to partner with PFL in these endeavors. This forward-looking approach underlines their commitment to innovation and customer engagement.


Avidia Bank's journey exemplifies the power of strategic integration of direct mail with PFL's solutions. This has allowed:

  • Automated manual processes to enhance customer experiences and provide impressive efficiency gains.
  • Leveraging cross-departmental efforts that yield substantial benefits in direct mail marketing.
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40 Hrs.
Per Month Saved on Manual Processes
Happy Customers
Major Reduction in Customer Complaints