Direct Mail That Delivers

Boost engagement with an end-to-end solution that personalizes and automates your direct mail programs.

Direct Mail That Delivers

Thousands of Marketers Have Increased Engagement and ROI with PFL.

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Create Powerful Moments with Direct Mail

Make Your Customers Smile with
Branded Direct Mail That Is...


PFL simplifies direct mail execution by managing the entire process under one roof from strategy and production to delivery and measurement.

Direct Mail - Boost Engagement


Increase engagement that results in action by pairing digital tactics with memorable direct mail touches from postcards and letters to 3-D mailers with logo items.

Impactful Direct Mail


Use your own data to personalize and trigger sends at any scale from hundreds to millions.

Personalized Direct Mail
Scalable Direct Mail


Integrate your CRM/MAP with PFL’s platform to manage and measure direct mail performance and ROI.

Scalable Direct Mail

PFL Technology Works With Your Martech Stack

PFL integrates with your marketing technology to give direct mail the automation, personalization, and measurement you expect from digital.

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Customers Say Great Things About PFL

Organizations of all sizes and in many industries have used PFL to increase response rates, book more meetings, streamline operations, and improve ROI by making direct mail easier, more engaging, and totally measurable.

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Automated Direct Mail Solutions for Every Team

Home Marketing Solution


Speed up your demand-generation efforts with automated and memorable engagements.

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Home Customer Experience Solution

Customer Experience

Enhance the digital experience with automated and personalized direct mail—all timed to critical moments in the customer journey.

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Home Sales Solution


Empower sales reps to personalize direct mail that moves deals forward.

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Make Your Customers Smile with
Branded Direct Mail That Is...