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5 Ways to Spark Joy and Peace of Mind with Your Corporate Holiday Gifts

Holiday gift giving is always a challenge. Tight budgets, changing trends, and not enough time can add to the stress of the season—and that’s in a normal year. The last few holiday seasons have been anything but normal, with continuing supply-chain troubles, a dicey economic climate, and the ever-growing public consciousness of the environmental impact of holiday largesse. PFL—with 25+ years of experience in our bag—is here to help with ideas for sustainable gift strategies to spark joy in your customers (and friends and relatives) and provide all of you with peace of mind and a good time. Just make sure you get your shopping started soon!

Hot chocolate mailer for warm holiday wishes

Tip 1: Use packaging that is sustainably made and fully recyclable

Times are a’changing, and we all need to start using packaging that is sustainable and fully recyclable. Take, for instance, our delicious Hot Chocolate & Candy Cane Card​ and Apple Cider for Two Card​. Send your customers warm holiday wishes—literally—with this personalized mailer.

When possible, try to use packaging that is made with post-consumer waste. (Post-consumer waste is produced by the end consumer, quite commonly the waste that individuals routinely discard, either in a waste receptacle or a dump.) At PFL, our paper and corrugate are made with 50 percent post-consumer waste materials and are 100 percent recyclable. We’ve found it’s not yet technically feasible to use 100% post-consumer waste materials in our manufacturing processes, but we’re committed to continually testing sustainable materials.  

Uncorkit journal and Modern Sprout's Rooted Candle

Tip 2: Select organic and sustainably made products

Poorly made plastic swag is quite dated here in the ’20s. It rarely looks good, never lasts long, and will probably just end up in a mountain of waste between a branded external battery that can’t hold a charge and a thousand chipped mugs.

Products made from sustainable materials are generally more durable and can be reused often, thanks to their quality. This reduces the impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions, conserving raw materials, and by just keeping more junk out of landfills. Modern Sprout’s Rooted Candle and Cork & Craft Journal are a perfect example. Everything is plastic-free, reusable, and when you’re done with the candle you plant the non-GMO seeds inside. What could be greener than that?

Out of the Woods Iconic Gourmet Shopper and Snacks Set

Tip 3: Curate gifts that spark joy and build brand affinity

Joy. It’s what the holiday season is all about. Sure, a gift card or e-gift card has value, but will it really light up someone’s day or create a memory? Give a gift that won’t be forgotten.

Take the Out of The Woods’™ Iconic Gourmet Shopper & Snacks Set for example. Not only can you share amazing food, you can also share and spread joy… and create a lasting, authentic moment as co-workers crowd your recipient’s desk and the bounty is shared. Alternatively, if your recipients work from home, the experience can be enjoyed with family.

You won’t sacrifice name recognition if the unboxing of your gift is impressive and fun. And that’s exactly what we at PFL specialize in. Present your holiday moment with a personalized and branded unboxing experience. Since we can produce branded boxes in-house, even tight timelines work. Let us worry about the logistics and fulfillment.  

Corkcicle tumbler, spiced wine mix and nut mix

Tip 4: Send gifts from brands that give back

This tip goes hand in hand with sustainability. Make sure your vendors and partners are taking the initiative to give back and that you are sending products that are sustainable or give back.

Don’t lose brand affinity with prospects and customers by not staying aligned with your company’s sustainability mission and values. If you prioritize making sure your packaging is sustainable and recyclable, how do you think the recipient is going to feel if you send them a product that isn’t? Staying true to sustainable practices is not only good for the environment, it also makes customers, prospects, and employees alike proud to be associated with your brand today and in the years to come.

Here at PFL, we are Print ReLeaf certified, which allows us to offset our paper consumption by planting trees for forest restoration. We measure our consumption and can see how many trees we’ve planted. We also support products made by responsible companies, such as Corkcicle & Lush. Every Corkcicle purchase helps bring clean water to people in need, and Lush donates to a number of different charities for each bag purchased.

Happy Holidays Snowman card

Tip 5: Let your recipients know the gift they are receiving is sustainable and why

Lastly, while the note accompanying your gift should share your appreciation for your customers and prospects, you can also highlight that you’ve chosen a sustainable gift with them in mind. Explain to them the benefits of your gifts, your sustainable business practices, and how you’re doing what you can to limit waste. This is important today to a great many people, and these sentiments are only going to grow stronger in the years to come.  

See more gift ideas in our Holiday Lookbook and contact us at to get started on your plan for sparking joy and peace of mind this holiday season.