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PFL + Iterable: A match made in omnichannel heaven

Capturing an audience and earning their engagement is no easy feat in today’s Attention Economy. More than half of enterprise employees are facing increasing levels of digital fatigue, forcing brands to find fresh, innovative approaches to more effectively reach their audiences—and inspire them to take action.

By coupling physical touchpoints such as direct mail with the power of data-driven digital marketing, brands can engage with customers at the right place and at the right time to drive greater value for their business. In an effort to enable more companies to realize the potential of these Hybrid Experiences, PFL has announced a new partnership and integration with Iterable, a leading cross-channel marketing platform that allows businesses to create holistic and impactful customer experiences.

Why integrate PFL with Iterable?

Creating comprehensive customer journeys with maximum impact through the Iterable Platform is scalable and essential—plus, the entire process is measurable. With the PFL-Iterable integration, joint customers can run orchestrated and data-driven omnichannel marketing campaigns that include personalized and automated direct mail as an integrated part of the customer journey.

PFL’s Hybrid Experience Platform integration is available directly in the Customer Journey Builder within the Iterable Platform. Customers can simply “drag and drop” the integration to implement a direct mail step into the customer journey. Adding a physical touchpoint to digital campaigns creates a true Hybrid Experience and results in the creation of powerful, authentic, and personalized moments for a specific audience. Additionally, PFL’s Preferred Address Capture capabilities allow customers to ensure that what they send is delivered to where the target audience wants to receive it.

Leveraging the power of PFL + Iterable

The PFL-Iterable integration can be leveraged across use cases for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) companies, including lower-cost awareness campaigns, high-value customer retention initiatives, advocacy campaigns, and everything in between.

PFL helps customers use insights to craft the appropriate campaign strategy to drive the highest ROI. Each customer is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager who guides the process and nurtures the relationship by ensuring that campaign objectives and customer expectations are met.

With Iterable and PFL, the ability to send personalized and measurable direct mail allows joint customers to create data-driven marketing and sales campaigns that incorporate physical touchpoints. This combination allows companies to stand out in the Attention Economy and deliver on the promise and power of the Hybrid Experience.

Earning customer attention with the Hybrid Experience  

There are many ways the Hybrid Experience can create unique and authentic interactions with potential and current customers. Real-life use cases include:

  • Increase consumer adoption and redemption of promotional offers by sending a promotional piece of direct mail after a consumer has responded to an online ad.  
  • Why it works: Depending on the nature of the ad, PFL uses this information to trigger a direct mail piece that aligns with the content of the digital advertisement. This ensures the consumer is getting a promotion that is relevant to them and targeted direct mail allows for more efficient use of the campaign budget.
  • Positively reinforcing a customer’s buying decision by triggering a direct mail promotion for new customers as a way of saying “thank you.”
  • Why it works: A campaign like this provides a positive stimulus that encourages new customers to act and engage with a brand. This helps grow customer loyalty and increases the customer’s lifetime value.  
  • Following up an email with a piece of direct mail.
  • Why it works: One recent study shows that there is a 90 percent open rate for direct mail. The possibilities for direct mail are endless—from postcards to fully branded boxes packed with company information and exciting gifts. With PFL, a sales rep will receive a delivery notification when their recipient receives the package, signaling it is the perfect time to follow up.  

The true value of the Hybrid Experience lies in the ability to leverage data-driven insights to inform the sending of direct mail to further the customer journey. The PFL-Iterable partnership brings together the physical and digital, resulting in impactful experiences that increase brand loyalty and drive conversions.

For more information on how you can get started with a PFL-Iterable integration, click here.