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PFL, Naturally, Has Some Great ‘Resources’ for You

When we redesigned the PFL web site back in February, we knew that, in addition to detailing everything our technology platform has to offer, we wanted to provide readers with educational, informative, and entertaining content—preferably all three simultaneously.

We toyed with the idea of calling this new section “Learnings,” as some sites do. In the end, we settled on “Resource Center,” defined as “a source of supply or support.” Since then, we’ve been supplying content of all types to support our readers: blogs, success stories, news, videos, and the like.

To make the section even more valuable and useful, we recently redesigned it for better functionality and ease of use. At the top of the new page are links to our “Latest Resources”—the most recent and timely postings.

A Calculated Move

The default “Resources” page shows all available resources at once, based on newest to oldest. However, you are now able to filter the contents by type: Webinar Replays, E-Books, Videos, Media, Reports, Success Stories, and Revenue Calculator.

That last one is a new entry to the “Resources” area. It works quite simply: Plug your marketing information into the "Enter Campaign Data" boxes and immediately see what revenue you might be leaving on the table by not adding a direct mail component to your go-to-market strategy.

There’s another new item we’ve added, this time to the “Media” section—a link to a site called, created by a contributor of ours, Michael Grover. We are happy to offer this source of news content to our readers.

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Have a Sample

While there are too many valuable resources to list here, below is a sampling of what you can expect to find in the expanded section of our site. We hope they will be of value to you and your business.

·     Video: It’s Better When We Connect

·     Video: Salesforce Marketing Cloud Demo

·     E-book: PFL’s Essential Guide to the Value of Human Connection

·     Webinar Replay: How to Deliver Powerful Insights that Turn Engagement into Action