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Salesforce-commissioned Study Explores Value of AppExchange Market

PFL was recently included in the new Salesforce-commissioned "Global Salesforce AppExchange Tools Market Research Report 2022." This report profiles the value of the Salesforce AppExchange and highlights its expected growth between 2018 - 2030. PFL was included in this analysis alongside other industry leaders, such as SAP, Adobe, DocuSign, and Conga.  

The Value of the AppExchange

The value of an app marketplace lies in how integrations build a better, more valuable, and efficient tech stack for driving growth. With Salesforce's extensive marketplace, there is great power on which to build your complete GTM motion.  

The AppExchange offers a wide range of apps that can help marketers improve campaigns, track results, and save time. For example, PFL's app allows marketers to send personalized direct mail campaigns that are integrated with the Salesforce CRM. This helps marketers reach target audiences with more relevant and timely messages, which can lead to improved engagement and ROI.

Other apps, for example, include Conga's Contract Management solution, which helps legal teams drive contract compliance while reducing cycle times, and Adobe’s Acrobat Sign Document Builder for Salesforce, which helps automate templates so sales reps can generate accurate, custom documents quickly to name only a couple of the dozens available.

The Growth of the AppExchange

As seen in the report, the AppExchange is expected to see steady growth through 2030. As companies continue to leverage the tool, ISV partners included in the marketplace will continue to show their value for driving engagement, revenue, and value for their customers.

PFL is no exception in this analysis. As the report makes clear, PFL continues to grow as companies see the value of the digital-plus-direct mail model. This omnichannel approach across the customer journey enables marketers to put their brand into the hands of prospects and customers—all of which creates a "disruptive" pattern—, canceling out the daily inundation of digital ads, promo emails, and targeted social posts while , enabling marketers to improve engagement and ROI—that drives recipients back into digital journeys.

The Power of Modern Direct Mail

The power of modern direct mail is that it creates powerful moments because it pulls data from a CRM or MAP while providing full measurability. A formerly exhaustive task with direct mail, measurement is now easy through the power of an integrated partner, such as PFL.


The ability to get a targeted, personalized message is essential for market growth. The companies in the Salesforce report are on the leading edge of value and impact. It's imperative for marketers to look at their tech stack, determine the necessary functions for driving growth, and build it out using the plethora of partners available through the AppExchange, thus delivering the greatest possible results.

Whether it is e-documentation with DocuSign, managing your enterprise with SAP solutions, or launching direct mail with PFL, the tech stack is the great enabler for success. The more integrated and orchestrated yours is, the better your GTM motions become.