3 Keys to Mastering the Art of Customer Connection

Marketers who master the artform of creating genuine connections can unlock deeper engagement and more responsiveness.  

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Learn How to Better Connect with Customers and Prospects

The art of making meaningful connections with customers is harder than ever in our overly digital world.

However, those who master the artform of creating genuine connections can unlock a wealth of deeper engagement and responsiveness.

In this virtual event you’ll learn strategies and tactics that make your customers feel better understood and seen—leading to stronger ties, shared visions, and moments of connection that grow your business.  

We think our “3 Keys to Mastering the Art of Customer Connection” webinar is for you if you want to learn more about:

One-to-One Relationships

You already have invaluable data and insights on your customers—now let’s use it to tailor content and nurture sequences with personalization that connects and resonates with decision makers—one-to-one.  

One-to-Many (feat. Your Data)

When you become a master of data-driven personalization it’s easy foster stronger connections. Use data to deliver event-triggered communications— ensuring your messaging is relevant and timely.

Audience Segmentation

The right segmentation strategies help you deliver personalized, targeted messages. When communications are based on your audience’s preferences, you effortlessly connect their interests with yours—and then everybody wins.  


Kara Trapp
VP of Customer Experience - PFL

Josh Bryant
Senior Sales Engineer -Demandbase

Emily McGrath
Director of Customer Experience - Drift

Kurt Gellert
Senior Director of Partner Marketing - PFL